Skilled independent visa 189

Skilled independent visa is a permanent residency visa for points-tested skilled workers who don’t require employer or family sponsorship. Simply it’s for highly skilled overseas worker where their occupation is on the “wanted” list in Australia and most registered migration agents Melbourne consider 189 skilled visa the most hassle-free fast pathway to permanent residency by far.

Well, “if” you meet all the requirements of course.

The logic is simple. Once you hit “the desirable points” in your occupation, you can apply for EOI (Expression of Interest), then when the invitation is granted, you can simply apply for the 189-visa application or even skilled nominated subclass 190 visa if you are nominated by the state.

Top 3 Secrets

However, the reality is not that simple to get this “invitation”.

At the moment, the minimum point to be eligible to apply EOI is 60 but this doesn’t guarantee the invitation. As we all suspect, there’s thousands of others on the same boat trying to get the invitation.

So, what’s the secret to beat your competitors?

<Three secrets to beat the invitation battle>

1. First come, first served: 
Of course, when the department has two applications with same score, the winner is the first application lodged before the other. The time of application always matters. This is a straightforward aspect of the skill select system but many still neglects it and the most crucial fact.

2. Editing EOI is possible:
A lot of people don’t know that you can “update” your EOI. Once your EOI is lodged, you can always update it. For example, you can always take another English test to achieve higher score and once you get that score, simply update your EOI! Don’t just wait until you have the higher score, you can do this while your EOI is lodged. Remember “First come, first served”? The minute your EOI is reached higher score than others, you are on top of getting the invitation!

3. When do you lodge the EOI?:
The Skills Select system is not a visa application, it is fully based on the applicant’s acknowledgement of all the factors listed towards to the point test. What it means is when you lodge the EOI, you don’t need to submit any supporting documents just yet.

So, what does this mean? This goes back to No.1 secret. Yes, that’s right, you lodge your EOI as soon as possible! But make sure you have all the supporting documents for your 189-visa application.

Good luck everyone!