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Permanent residents of Australia who have lived in the country for a specific period and meet all requirements can receive Australian citizenship by Conferral. Such candidates are eligible for all rights and privileges that other Australian citizens enjoy. They can vote, work in the Defence Force or Public Service, and receive an Australian passport. Citizens by Conferral also get the same responsibilities as other Australian citizens.

Australian Citizenship Entitlements

Australian citizenship entitles the person to:

  • An Australian passport
  • Move in and out of the country as many times they want
  • Seek help from an Australian consulate in case of any trouble overseas
  • Cast a vote in federal, state, or territory elections
  • Cast a vote in a Constitutional referendum or plebiscite
  • Seek election to parliament (if aged 18 years and above and are not a dual citizen)
  • Register the birth of your children as an Australian citizen in any other country

Australian Citizenship Responsibilities and Privileges

As an Australian citizen, your responsibilities include:

  • To behave as per Australia’s democratic beliefs
  • To respect the country’s rights and liberties
  • To obey the law
  • To vote in federal and state or territory elections, and referenda
  • To defend the country if need be
  • To serve on jury duty if summoned

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    How Can You Become an Australian Citizen?

    • By birth: Those born in Australia and having one or both parents as an Australian citizen or permanent resident are entitled to Australian citizenship by birth.
    • By descent: Those born overseas but are a child of Australian citizen are granted Australian citizenship.
    • By grant: Non-citizens of Australia may apply to become an Australian citizen and may enjoy citizenship by Conferral.

    Citizenship By Conferral

    Australian citizenship by Conferral is applicable for those who are permanent residents and have lawfully resided in the country for a minimum of four years.

    The applicant to be eligible for Australian citizenship by Conferral must:

    • Be a permanent resident of Australia for a minimum of 12 months
    • Be lawfully living in Australia for the last four years (minimum)
    • Have not been outside Australia for more than a total of 12 months in the past four years (and no more than 90 days during the last one year)
    • Be likely to live in or maintain a continuous connection with Australia
    • Be of 18 years or older, and of good character

    Citizenship by Conferral may also be enjoyed by eligible New Zealand citizens who have been in Australia before 26 February 2001 on a Special Category Visa (SCV) or have spent a total of a minimum of 12 months in Australia on an SCV during the 24 months immediately before 26 February 2001.

    While assessing the applicant’s eligibility for Australian citizenship, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) takes the applicant’s travel history (from 18 years and above) into consideration.

    Applicants who are 60 years of age and above aren’t required to sit for the citizenship test. Also, under certain circumstances, candidates may be permitted to apply for a variation to the residence requirement or be eligible under the special residence requirement. If you want complete details on the eligibility criteria of gaining Australian Citizenship By Conferral, get in touch with Migration Agent In Melbourne.

    Application Process For Achieving Australian Citizenship By Conferral

    Step 1

    The first step is to file a citizenship application. The applicant must submit all relevant supporting documents as per the requirements.

    Step 2

    If the DHA considers the applicant an eligible candidate for citizenship by Conferral, it will ask them to attend an appointment with a case officer. The candidate will have to sit the citizenship test that includes questions on life in Australia, the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizenship, and the meaning of being an Australian citizen. Every eligible adult candidate must sit the citizenship test. The candidate can prepare themselves for the test by studying the Australian citizenship test resource book.

    Step 3

    On clearing the citizenship test and receiving approval on the application by DOHA, the candidate needs to attend a citizenship ceremony. The ceremony is generally conducted within three months of the application approval date. However, the waiting time may vary from (local) council to council. The candidate takes the Australian Citizenship Pledge at the ceremony to complete the procedure of becoming an Australian citizen. All eligible adult applicants have to attend a citizenship ceremony. However, there are few exceptions to this condition.

    Reasons For Citizenship Application Refusal

    There are various reasons for which a citizenship application may be refused. Some of the common reasons for refusal are:

    • Candidate’s identity not being established
    • Candidate is a risk to national security
    • Candidate doesn’t satisfy the general or special residence needs and isn’t eligible for an exemption too
    • Candidate has pending criminal cases or is not of good character; or
    • Candidate has renounced their Australian citizenship within the last 12 months. However, this doesn’t apply to those at risk of becoming stateless.

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    1. How do I qualify for Australian citizenship?

    There are many ways in which you can become a citizen of Australia. However, it is essential to meet all criteria to apply. You may qualify for Australian citizenship through conferral, descent or adoption. Once you become an Australian citizen, you may enjoy all other Australian citizens’ rights and privileges. However, there are specific requirements for acquiring Australian citizenship through the means mentioned above. To discuss your chances of becoming an Australian citizen, speak to our Australian Citizenship Agents. Our team will provide complete details on what qualifies you to become a citizen of Australia and discuss your chances of acquiring citizenship.

    2. How much does an Australian citizenship cost?

    Australian citizenship by conferral may cost you about AUD$490 (general eligibility) and a concession fee of AUD$70. The price for Australian citizenship by descent for a single applicant is AUD$315 and for every subsequent sibling applying at the same time is AUD$130. Australian citizenship for children adopted (full Hague Convention or bilateral arrangements) has to pay a fee of AUD$315 for a single application. For every subsequent sibling applying simultaneously, there’s an additional cost of AUD$130. Renunciation of Australian citizenship will cost the applicant AUD$265. Resumption of Australian citizenship will cost you about AUD$ 210.

    3. What documents are required to apply for Australian citizenship?

    There are many documents that applicants have to submit when applying for Australian Citizenship. From identity documents to photographs to good character documents to supporting documents and online application forms, a lot is required to be presented to acquire Australian Citizenship. If needed, applicants may have to submit additional documents as requested. If you are applying for Citizenship Australia, speak to our experts to understand what documents you may have to submit to support your application. The list is extensive, and additional documents may be required depending on the case. Feel free to discuss your case and ask us about the required documents.

    4. How long does it take to become a citizen of Australia?

    90% of applications for Australian citizenship by conferral are processed within 19 months. Also, 90% of approved applicants may get the opportunity to attend a ceremony within one year of approval. Those who have applied for Australian citizenship by descent may expect an answer within five months, as is the case with 90% of applications. 90% of applications for Evidence of Australian citizenship may be processed within 34 days. In some cases, the application may take a little longer, depending on how much information you gave at the time of application, how promptly you replied to requests made for additional information, how long the authorities took to verify your information and more factors.

    5. What is an Australian citizenship by descent?

    A person is eligible for Australian citizenship by descent if they were born outside Australia and at the time of their birth, one or both of their parents were Australian citizens. To be an Australian citizen by descent, the applicant must have been born outside Australia and be of good character if they are older than 18. When assessing good character, the Department Of Home Affairs considers whether or not the applicant is likely to uphold and obey Australian laws. To claim descent from a person, they need to be your parent at the time of your birth and an Australian citizen too.

    6. What is the new rule for Australian citizenship?

    The Department of Immigration has announced that acquiring Australian citizenship will get difficult. The Government will impose strict requirements for a person to become an Australian citizen by altering the residence requirement to 4 years from 1 year. Only people with a permanent residence visa for four years may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. Though this announcement was made on 20th April, the legislation has not passed. Once approved, the rule will apply to all candidates who applied for citizenship on or after 20th April. Another new law that may be introduced includes passing the English exam with a certain level of score. This means applicants will have to sit for the Citizenship Test.

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