Parent Visa

Last Remaining Relative Visa 115

Last Remaining Relative Visa 115

This permanent visa lets people move to Australia to be with their only close family members.


  • You must be sponsored by an eligible parent or step-parent, sibling or step-sibling, or an eligible partner of your relative
  • Not have other near relatives
  • Have assurance of support
  • Meet the health requirement
  • Meet the character requirement
  • Have paid back your debt to the Australian Government
  • Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused
  • Sign the Australian values statement
  • We will not grant this visa if it is not in the best interests of an applicant under 18



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    The visa subclass 115 is commonly known as the Last Remaining Relative visa. It is structured for individuals who live outside Australia but wish to stay permanently in Australia with their near relatives.

    If your near relative is a permanent resident or an Australian citizen, or an eligible New Zealand citizen, usually residing in Australia, you are eligible to apply for the visa. It is an offshore visa process, unlike subclass 835, which is an onshore visa.

    At Southern Stone, we have a team of visa immigration agents who are experienced and trained to counsel you. We will examine your eligibility regarding the visa requirements and guide you with essential techniques to ensure a favourable outcome. We also offer other parent visa services like contributory parent visa 143864804, and 173.

    Why Apply For A Visa Subclass 115?

    The subclass 115 visa provides you with a permanent permit to the country. It allows its holder to:

    • Apply for Australian citizenship on completing the eligibility criteria.
    • Stay in Australia as a permanent resident
    • Study and work in the country.
    • Travel to and from the country as a permanent resident for five years from the visa grant date.
    • Enrol in the Government healthcare scheme.

    If you hold a permanent visa, you can enjoy almost all the same facilities as citizens of the country. You must fulfil all the requirements attached to the visa conditions. Book an appointment with our professional 115 visa consultants for assistance on a visa application. We will make your visa journey hassle-free through our up-to-date knowledge and a thorough analysis of your eligibility and visa conditions.

    What Are Last Family Member Visa Requirements?

    To be eligible for a subclass 115 visa application, you must meet the department’s requirements.

    • As per the eligibility norms, your only near relative (parent, step-parent, sibling, step-sibling, or partner) must sponsor you after getting a sponsorship approval by the department. Your visa application may get rejected or cancelled if:
      • Your near relative usually lives outside Australia
      • Your near relative lives in Australia on a temporary visa. Temporary visa also includes bridging visa.
    • You must have a letter of assurance from your sponsor, confirming you will not depend on the Australian Government to stay in the country.
    • You and your sponsor must pay back all dues to the Australian Government.
    • You will have to sign a values statement confirming that you will obey the Australian laws and living rules.
    • You will have to meet the health and character requirements based on the subclass 115 visa conditions.
    • You should not have a history of cancelled visas because it may lead to the visa application rejection.
    • You should not marry or make a de facto relationship before entering Australia on visa 115.

    The following relatives are defined as near relatives based on the 115 visa conditions:

    • Parent or step-parent
    • Sibling or step-sibling
    • Partner’s parent or step-parent
    • A child who is 18 or above and not dependent on you
    • Child or a step-child who is under 18 and not in your or your partner’s control or daily care

    You must be able to convince the department that the visa grant is in your best interest so that that they can make a favourable decision on your visa application.

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    We will guide you throughout your successful migration journey with our updated knowledge of the latest changes in immigration policies and laws. Other than subclass 115, we can also assist you in partner visaskilled independent visasubclass 190employer sponsored visa and more. Contact us on 1300 188 999 or fill in our online form to find out more.


    1. What is a Remaining Relative visa?

    The Visa Subclass 115 is a permanent visa that allows a candidate to move to Australia to live with their only close family members who is an Australian citizen, Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. To apply for the 115 visa, you must be outside Australia at the time of application, and at the time the authorities decide on your application. When on this visa, you may stay in Australia as a Permanent resident, work and study in the country and enrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme, Medicare. To know more about the last remaining relative visa, speak to our experts.

    2. How long does it take to get a last remaining relative visa?

    The processing time for the visa subclass 115 isn’t fixed. All applications for this visa need capping and queueing, and this is why the processing of this visa may take longer. Applicants may expect a more delay in receiving a response if they do not fill out the application correctly or do not submit the desired information or documents. Authorities may require additional information, so if this is the case, the application won’t be processed until the information or documents is provided by the candidate. To know more about the visa subclass 115, speak to our agents. Our team will provide all details on the last remaining relative visa.

    3. Who can sponsor a Remaining Relative visa?

    The remaining relative visa is a sponsorship-based visa that requires candidates to be sponsored by their parent, brother, sister, step-sibling or one of their partners. It is important for` the sponsor to be above the age of 18 and a settled Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. However, in rare cases, a child below the age of 18 can be a sponsor. It is important for the sponsor to offer support, accommodation, and financial assistance to the candidate. To know more about this visa, speak to our agents about the last family member visa requirements.

    4. How do I get a Remaining Relative visa for Australia?

    To get the remaining relative visa for Australia, you must be the last relative of an Australian citizen or a permanent Australian resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. You must submit documents like your ID proof, debt-free certificate, health and character requirements, financer details and any other document as requested by the authorities. It is important for the candidate to be outside Australia when applying for this visa. Once your visa gets accepted, you will receive all the important information like grant number, date of journey, etc., from the Department. To know in detail about this visa, speak to our experts.

    5. Who can apply for subclass 115?

    To apply for the Visa Subclass 115, the candidate must be anywhere outside Australia and sponsored by a responsible person during their stay in Australia with Remaining Relative Visa 115. The candidate who is applying for this visa must be the last relative of an Australian citizen or a permanent Australian resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. If you want to know in detail about the last family member visa requirements, you may speak to our experts. Our team will explain the requirements and procedure for applying for this visa in detail and offer guidance on every step involved in the visa process. Please find attached the landing page on refurbished laptops.

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