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Spouse Visa & Dependent Child

Case Background

Mrs ABC approached Southern Stone with an extremely complex and difficult case involving a spouse visa which had been refused twice, and then finally approved.

However, with this approval, a dependent child included in her application, was refused a visa due to being deemed no longer dependent on the mother – her enrollment had been cancelled for not going to classes (failure to meet visa conditions).

Our Solution & Case Result

After careful analysis, we provided Mrs ABC with a comprehensive plan to turn this refusal decision around at the Migration Review Tribunal.

During the review process, we assisted the client in providing a thorough and convincing submission, along with supporting documentation to the tribunal. We also ensured that Mrs ABC, her husband and the dependent child were fully briefed on the process.

Usually, the Migration Review Tribunal do not deliver verdicts on the spot. However, on this occasion, 15 minutes into the hearing, a Member of the Tribunal advised that the submission was sufficient and that no further evidence was required – a written decision would follow.  Needless to say, the family was ecstatic, and though the whole process took almost 12 months, it was a sweet victory for all.

Time-critical 457 Visa Application

Precision Administration we find a way

Time-critical 457 Visa Application

Case Background

Jeremy, the director of an IT Company, wanted to sponsor Tony, who was working as IT engineer in his company, on 457 Visa. As required, three steps needed to be completed: 457 Company Sponsorship, Nomination, and Visa. Initially, Jeremy and Tony commenced the process by themselves. However, their application was unsuccessful.

As a result, Jeremy faced a challenging scenario: If Tony, one of his most valuable employees, could not obtain his 457 Visa, he would have to leave Australia within two weeks. They were stumped and did not know how to proceed.

Our Solution

It was at this point that Jeremy and Tony approached Southern Stone Migration to help them handle their situation. After carefully reviewing the case, we advised that pursuing a 457 Visa was still the best option. Despite it being one of the most common temporary working visas, an extremely high level of detailed paperwork is required to secure this type of visa approval.

Working on a very tight deadline, we produced all the paperwork required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and resubmitted the application for Tony.

Case Result

The application was successful, and Tony continues to live and work in Australia.

Large Hospitality Group

Global Recruitment 360 degree service

Large Hospitality Group Required Ongoing Hospitality Staff

Case Background

A large multinational hospitality group enlisted Southern Stone Migration to ensure that their Australian establishments had sufficient hospitality staff, primarily to ensure optimum service levels during busy holiday periods.

We analysed the company’s needs and developed an international recruitment strategy that focused on candidates who would be able to satisfy the various requirements in their visa processing.

Our Solution & Case Result

We sourced more than fifty potential candidates and coordinated remote interviews to ensure that each of the candidates chosen was able to meet all their visa criteria including language, skills assessments, etc.

To date, more than 30 successful applicants have been recruited from overseas on 457 and 186 visas, and this will be an ongoing project to accommodate to the employer’s particular requirements.

Southern Stone is also providing this client with ongoing advice regarding its obligations as a 457 sponsor.

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I recently had the privilege of working with Southern Stone Immigration Agency and specifically, Kathy, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the experience. From start to finish, Southern Stone and Kathy provided exceptional service and demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise in immigration matters. What sets Southern Stone Immigration Agency apart is their genuine care...

Lin Gan

I found Southern stone through the internet and seen all the great reviews and thought they would have to be good. I got in contact with Kathy and she was so responsive and clear with all her swift responses throughout my time working with her. I had a 461 partner visa declined due to immigration receiving my visa application late as it’s a paper application. She argued with every...

Mark Nalty

It is so refreshing to speak to a migration agency who is willing to listen to you and readily provide you with useful information for a simple question without even discussing fees. What great customer service! We will be definitely engaging with Southern Stone for our future application.

Sarah Coherny

Thank you Gloria for helping me with my inquiries. I would recommend your services to all my friends and relatives.

Swapnil Patel
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