Employer Sponsored Visa

Regional Employer Sponsored (Subclass 494) Visa

Regional Employer Sponsored (Subclass 494) Visa

The Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa 494 allows regional employees to sponsor skilled workers they cannot source through Australian skilled workers due to labour shortages.


  • You must be under 45 years of age when you apply for the visa
  • Be nominated by an approved sponsor
  • Have relevant skills, qualifications and work experience
  • Have a positive skills assessment
  • You must have at least competent English to be granted this visa
  • Meet our health requirement
  • Meet our character requirement
  • Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused
  • Have paid back your debt to the Australian government
  • Sign the Australian values statement
  • Have a family member who is a primary SESR visa holder
  • Be nominated by the primary SESR visa holder’s work sponsor


5 years

Processing Time

  • Employer Sponsored stream: 75% — 71 days and 90% — 4 months
  • Labour Agreement stream: not available
  • Subsequent entrant: not available

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    The Regional Employer Sponsored (subclass 494) visa is designed to help with the labour shortage issues of regional businesses and industries within their region. By utilising the visa stream, they can sponsor skilled foreign workers if they can’t source adequately skilled Australian workers.

    It is becoming a global trend that skilled workers migrate to new destinations in search of opportunities. Australia is one of the most popular destinations due to its stable economic performance and the number of industries in regional areas. Especially in the regional areas of Australia, industries and businesses need workers with specific skills; however, they often end up with a dearth of talents due to various reasons. The country offers temporary visa options for businesses to fill their vacancies from around the world. Importantly, these options allow an employee to stay and work in the country for different durations, from three months to five years.

    Australia offers a diverse range of visa categories based on the profession of the applicant and how they satisfy various visa conditions. The Regional Employer Sponsored Visa is a temporary visa program with a finite stay period. The screening process for the Regional Employer Sponsored Visa is considerably shorter than permanent visa categories. The visa is categorised as provisional. Therefore, the visa holder can apply for an extension. Keep in mind that under this visa stream, extending the stay period before the expiry of the initial visa is simple and hassle-free.

    The visa category is a great choice for skilled migrant workers who want better opportunities, a superior standard of living, and a better socio-political environment. Also, the Regional Employer Sponsored visa gives the option for skilled workers to earn a better salary and opportunities for career development and growth. That means the visa stream gives the opportunity for personal and professional growth to skilled individuals.

    In conclusion, the Regional Employer Sponsored visa opens the door for individuals to kickstart their promising career in Australia and achieve financial prosperity. Keep in mind that regional areas covered by this visa category include all cities, towns, and rural Australia except Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. It is important to note that the country’s regional areas are also flourishing and give excellent opportunities and good quality of life.

    How to Attain This Visa

    Regional Temporary Migration (subclass 494) visa is an excellent option for both onshore and offshore skilled foreign workers. To procure this visa, the aspirant must be a skilled professional in one of the occupations on the Regional Occupation List and nominated by an employer or company in a designated regional area.

    After the issue of a subclass 494 visa, the applicant is required to pursue the type of employment they have selected and stay in the designated regional area. The subclass 494 visa is valid for five years, and the holder has a pathway to acquire permanent residency after three years of staying in the regional area according to the visa conditions. Additionally, the applicant has the provision to include their family members in the application. However, the family members should study, work, and live only in the designated regional area.

    This regional sponsored migration scheme visa has helped several thousands of individuals and families to settle in Australia. As the visa is temporary and comes with a finite period, the candidate should pay attention to better their profile during their stay in the country. This is because your Regional Employer Sponsored visa can be a hassle-free way for you to settle in the country permanently.

    Eligible subclass 494 visa holders can apply for a permanent visa after completing three years of visa validity. That means the visa category gives the option to the holder to bring more family members to the country. The vibrant, multicultural, and secure environment of Australia can also guarantee a better life for the individual’s children.

    Talk to our 494 visa migration agents if you have specific questions about the visa subclass or want to know your eligibility. Our expert migration agents can help you with 494 visa requirements and procedures and help you file the application. We also offer temporary skill shortage visa 482186 visa, rsms 187 visa, and training visa 407.

    Visa Streams

    The Regional Temporary Migration subclass 494 has the following subdivisions to help the job aspirants and employers:

    Employer-Sponsored Stream – This stream is designed to help regional employers to address their labour shortage issues by sponsoring international skilled workers. This visa stream is applicable when the employer can’t find appropriately skilled Australian workers.

    Labour Agreement Stream – This stream is crafted for the foreign skilled workers or professionals who are nominated by the employers who hold an active labour agreement. Labour agreements are structured between the employers and the Government – represented by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

    Subsequent Entrant – The visa stream is designed for the family unit members and close family associates of a subclass 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional visa holder who are applying separately for their own regional visa to stay with the primary visa holder in the country.

    The processing time for subclass 494 provisional visa varies based on the visa conditions and the candidate’s profile. The DHA assesses every visa application based on the circumstances of the application, eligibility, and the requirements for such employment in the particular regional area.

    Southern Stone is the trusted choice of hundreds of individuals and families to achieve their dream career and life goals. Our team of immigration consultants have a thorough knowledge of various visa processing procedures and complexities. They are also up to date with the latest rules and regulations related to immigration and visa processing.

    Securing a subclass 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional visa is a time-consuming and highly technical process. You might want professional help throughout the application process. Our immigration consultants are trained and highly experienced individuals who will help you in every aspect of the application to ensure a positive visa decision. Our consultants will analyse your profile, crosscheck your supporting documents, understand your requirements, and file the application accurately for the best possible immigration decision.

    Our immigration consultants will help you complete the visa processing as early as possible by filing a complete, error-free application and constant monitoring of the processing. We have created visa application procedures and a checking mechanism that ensure nothing missed. Additionally, we will help you collect all the supporting documents and evidence to make the visa processing seamless.

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    1. What is subclass 494 visa Australia?

    The Subclass 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored (Regional) visa allows employers to deal with labour shortages within their region by sponsoring and bringing skilled workers from other countries to undertake the job. The 494 visa was introduced as a replacement for the 187 visas. The Subclass 494 visa allows the applicant to stay in Australia for five years. The Regional Temporary Migration (subclass 494) visa offers the opportunity to both onshore and offshore skilled foreign workers. To get this visa, the applicant must be in an occupation listed on the Regional Occupation List and nominated by an employer in a designated regional area.

    2. How do I apply for a 494 visa in Australia?

    To apply for the 494 visa, you have to be sponsored by an employer who is an approved Standard Business Sponsor. Apart from this, you must meet all the requirements for the Subclass 494 Regional Sponsored Visa. In addition, there are age criteria, skills assessment, language test, and more to obtain this visa. If you want to attain the Regional Employer-Sponsored Visa, and need the guidance of an expert, contact Southern Stone. Our 494 visa migration agents will provide all the details on how you may apply for the visa and increase your chances of acquiring it.

    3. How much does a 494 visa cost in Australia?

    Primary applicants have to pay a fee of $4045 for the 494 visa. For every additional applicant above the age of 18 years, the cost is $2025 and for under the age of 18 years is $1010. In case any other applicant above 18 doesn’t meet the Functional English test, an extra fee of $4890 is to be paid. The cost of the 494 visa may or may not change over the years. To know the updated prices of the 494 visa, feel free to call the experts at Southern Stone.

    4. How long does a 494 visa take?

    There’s no fixed processing time for any visa. In some cases, the visa may rise faster than in other cases. On average, the Employer-Sponsored stream has a processing time of 61 days for 25% of applications, five months for 50% of applications, eight months for 75%, and ten months for 90% of applications. Unfortunately, the processing time for the Labour Agreement stream and Subsequent entrant isn’t available. This means there’s no definite time for processing the visas mentioned above. To understand the 494 visas better, we recommend speaking to our experts. Our team will offer complete details on the processing time, requirements, and chances of you securing the visa.

    5. Is 494 visa eligible for Medicare?

    The Medicare scheme offers healthcare access to Australian citizens, permanent residents and other individuals who are eligible for the same. It allows Australians and eligible people from overseas to avail a wide range of health and hospital services at minimum or no cost. All eligible residents of Australia receive a Medicare number and card to avail of medical services when in need. In most cases, Medicare cards are made available to only those candidates who belong to countries with reciprocal health care arrangements. However, the new 494 regional employer-sponsored visa allows all holders to access Medicare, irrespective of the country they belong to.

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