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Subclass 100 Partner Visa Offshore

This visa is for a spouse or prospective partner of permanent residents or citizens of Australia. It is also applicable to the qualified citizens of New Zealand who are permanently residing in Australia. If you have an Offshore Partner Visa (temporary), you can apply for a permanent partner visa under subclass 100.

You can lodge the Partner (Provisional and Migrant) Visa (subclass 309/100) in a combined application form. You will first get a temporary provisional visa under the subclass 309 category, and it will permit you to reside in Australia for two years. During this time, you will have to apply for the subclass 100 partner visa.

Applying for a partner visa is a tricky job that requires the expertise of an offshore partner visa agent. Contact Southern Stone to discuss your requirements in detail.

Subclass 100 Processing Time

A subclass 100 partner visa processing time depends on multiple factors, including the nature of the evidence, the complexity of the circumstances, and the eligibility requirements. However, it generally takes approximately 1.5-2.5 years to get a decision on the permanent partner visa subclass 100.

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    Partner Visa 309 Processing Time

    The processing time of a subclass 309 visa varies from applicant to applicant. It largely depends on the applicant’s profile and the family members whose name have been listed on the application form.

    It has been observed that about 75% of the visa applications are processed within 18 months or 1.5 years, whereas it takes about two years to process 90% of applications.

    Usually, a temporary visa does not require a thorough assessment like a permanent visa. However, certain circumstances that can delay the processing time regardless of whether it’s a permanent or a temporary visa, which are:

    • If you don’t fill out your visa application form correctly
    • If you fail to provide the required documentary evidence as per the conditions of the visa (subclass 309)
    • If the concerned Department of Home Affairs (DHA) requires more information

    You can avoid delays caused due to missing information by seeking the professional help and advice of our experience offshore partner visa agent. We will assist you with valuable information regarding the visa processing time and other necessities.

    Who Can Apply for a Subclass 100 Partner Visa?

    Subclass 100 is a permanent partner visa specifically designed for the spouse, prospective partner, or de facto partners of an Australian permanent resident. A New Zealand citizen who is permanently residing in Australia is also eligible for a subclass 100 visa. It is the final stage for those applicants who are applying under the offshore application category.

    Married Couples

    Marriage should be legally valid based on the laws prevailing in Australia to be an eligible candidate for this partner visa. If your marriage did not take place inside the country, it should be legally recognised based on the laws of Australia.

    The marriage between the Australian partner and the applicant should be genuine, and they must live together. If they have to live separately, it should be temporary. Marriage must be continuing in all aspects, and both partners must be leading a committed life, like most married couples. Called off marriages are not eligible for a subclass 100 permanent partner visa.

    De Facto Partners

    Having adequate documentary or non-documentary evidence that support a de facto relationship is necessary for the processing of visa application under the subclass 100 category. The applicant and his/her Australian partner must be a permanent partner living together. If they are living separately, it should be for a short temporary time.
    The applicant and the Australian partner must have a mutual agreement that states that they are leading a shared life on a permanent basis at least for 12 months. One of the basic requirements that qualify the partner migration conditions for visa application for the de facto relationship is that the applicant and the partner must not be related by family.

    Conditions for De Facto Partners

    The necessary conditions for applying subclass 100 partner migrant visa for a de facto partner are:

    • The de facto partners must have registered their relationship with any of the Australian States or Territories
    • The sponsor is required to file for the application of a permanent humanitarian immigration procedure
    • The Australian partner must have registered the de facto relationship with the DHA and must be a holder of a permanent humanitarian visa
    • The applicant can include the children who are born in the de facto relationship, are dependent and do not have a subclass 309 visa
    • The candidate can validate his/her claim to apply for a migration application form under the situation supported by a compelling state of affairs
    • The applicant can include any eligible members of the family in his/her application

    Conditions of a Subclass 100 Partner Visa

    Domestic Responsibilities as a Permanent Partner

    The applicant and his/her Australian spouse must share their household responsibilities. They must be equally responsible for organising their daily living requirements as permanent partners.

    Social Relationship

    The social status of a de facto partner is one of the major criteria for the subclass 100 visa application. The DHA will take into consideration the extent of relationship status known among the families and social circle of both the partners while deciding if they will grant the visa.

    The Commitment Status

    Both partners must be committed to each other. The commitment status of both partners is a vital factor in deciding the result. The visa authority will investigate whether the relationship is married, de facto, or of permanent partners while processing the visa application.

    Financial Commitments

    The financial commitments, including individual or joint property ownership and other financial assets, act as significant factors while making a decision on a subclass 100 visa application, especially for the de facto partner.

    For more information on the eligibility criteria and other conditions, contact our expert partner visa consultants.

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