Employer Sponsored Visa

Training Visa 407 In Australia

The Training Visa 407 allows a holder to take part in a workplace-based occupational training activity to improve their skills for the job, tertiary study or professional development training program in Australia.


  • Be a genuine temporary entrant
  • Be nominated
  • Have adequate health insurance
  • Have an approved sponsor
  • Have paid back your debt to the Australian Government
  • Meet our character requirement
  • Meet our health requirement
  • Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused
  • Sign the Australian values statement
  • You must be 18 years old or older at the time we decide your visa application
  • You must currently hold a valid temporary substantive visa
  • You must have functional English


2 years

Processing Time

75% of applications: 7 months
90% of applications: 13 months

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    The subclass 407 visa is a temporary stay training visa in Australia. This visa is usually granted to those applicants who want to gain expertise and skills in their job by participating in workplace-based occupational training activities. It helps in achieving professional developments and also assists in tertiary studies.

    Subclass 407 is a temporary residence visa that will allow you to stay in the country for a maximum of 2 years. If you are looking for a licensed and professional 407 visa consultant in Australia who can assist you through the strenuous visa application procedure, then look no further than the experts at Southern Stone.

    With years of unmatched experience and expertise, our team of registered immigration lawyers can help you with a temporary move to Melbourne or Australia. We have all credentials required to understand the visa applications and generate the expected results.

    Why Apply For An Occupational Trainee Visa?

    The training visa 407 subclass is a temporary permit visa that allows you to:

    • Stay in the country as long as your visa is valid.
    • Move to and from the country as many times as you want until the visa expires.
    • Work and study based on the visa conditions.
    • Include immediate family members (if eligible) in the visa application.

    You can use the subclass 407 visa for a limited period of six months to up to two years. The immigration officer decides the duration of your stay in the country based on your requirements and other circumstances mentioned in the application.

    If you want more information on the provisions of subclass 407, visa processing, eligibility conditions, or other migration requirements, you can contact us. Our service covers all aspects of visa application processes ranging from temporary 407 visa to PR visa, irrespective of whether you are applying from inside or outside the country.

    Eligibility Requirements for a 407 Visa

    To be an eligible candidate for a subclass 407 visa application, you must meet the Department of Home Affair’s (DHA) required conditions, including:

    • You must have an approved sponsor.
    • Your sponsor must be approved as a temporary activity sponsor.
    • Your sponsor must nominate you to participate in an occupational training activity (unless the sponsor is an Australian Commonwealth Government agency).
    • You must be 18 years or older and have a functional level of English.
    • You must have a genuine intention to stay in the country temporarily.
    • You are required to pass the medical assessment based on your visa conditions.
    • You must meet the character requirements.
    • You are required to sign the Australian Values statement that ensures you accept and follow all rules and regulations while undergoing training in the country.
    • You should not have a history of a previously cancelled visa. It may jeopardise your chances of getting a positive visa decision.
    • You must be able to convince the visa department that being granted a subclass 407 visa will be in your best interest.

    Additionally, you will have to follow various visa conditions, including work limitations and restrictions. You can’t undertake any other work or activity other than in relation to your training or study, and you will be allowed to work for specified hours per fortnight. You will have to meet all the conditions specified during your stay, and failure to meet any of the conditions may result in the cancellation of your visa.

    We recommend you consult our 407 immigration agent to secure well-prepared migration documents and visa processing plans. We are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to help you to complete a training visa application and guide you through the entire migration journey. We can also assist in temporary skill shortage visa 482, 186 visa, subclass 494, and RSMS 187 visa.

    What Our TRV Visa Agent Can Do For You

    At Southern Stone, our experienced team of registered TRV agents understand the importance of a training visa subclass 407 for your career growth. We know visa application and processing are a tricky job that requires years of experience and expertise. Having worked in the migration industry for several years now, we have all that is required to make the visa application process easier than ever before for each of our clients.

    Our comprehensive visa services are based on your preference, requirements, and eligibility conditions. Whether you plan to move to Australia permanently, temporarily, for occupational training or other business-related matters, we can help you with our migration services.

    We understand the entire application process and can accurately file your application form for fast processing. Our specialist training visa agents are licensed and trained. With numerous success stories and professional counselling, we have earned immense popularity among our clients. We value your immigration dreams and ensure a favourable visa application decision.

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