Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa

Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

The Temporary Activity Visa 408 allows the holder to come to Australia for specified work on a short-term basis.


  • Be approved to take part in an Australian Government endorsed event
  • Be able to support yourself and any dependants
  • Meet the health requirement
  • Meet our character requirement
  • Have adequate health insurance
  • Be a genuine temporary entrant
  • You must have vocational English
  • Have paid back debt to the Australian Government
  • Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused
  • Sign the Australian values statement
  • Have a supporter or a sponsor
  • Be invited to work
  • Have a suitable employment contract
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Declare you have not paid for visa sponsorship


  • Australian Government Endorsed Events: 4 years
  • Special Program: 12 months
  • Religious Work: 2 years
  • Research activities: 2 years
  • Invited for other social and cultural activity (Invited Participant): 3 months
  • Sporting Activities: 2 years
  • Entertainment Activities: 2 years
  • Superyacht Crew: 12 months
  • Exchange Arrangements: 2 years
  • Domestic work for executives: 2 years

Processing Time

  • Australian Government Endorsed Events: 75% — 3 months and 90% — 6 months
  • Special Program: 75% — 3 months and 90% — 4 months
  • Religious Work: 75% — 7 months and 90% — 8 months
  • Research activities: 75% — 7 months and 90% — 21 months
  • Invited for other social and cultural activity (Invited Participant): 75% — 6 days and 90% — 12 days
  • Sporting Activities: 75% — 30 days and 90% — 77 days
  • Entertainment Activities: 75% — 13 days and 90% — 37 days
  • Superyacht Crew: 75% — 24 days and 90% — 38 days
  • Exchange Arrangements: not available
  • Domestic work for executives: not available

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    The Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408 is designed for candidates who want to come to Australia temporarily to undertake a specific type of work. This visa type allows the holder to stay in Australia for the specific task for which the application was made or for a maximum of four years.

    Temporary Activity Visa allows temporary access to the country for the following reasons:

    • To participate in certain events conducted by the government of Australia.
    • To participate in an Australian research project.
    • To work in the entertainment industry in Australia.
    • To participate in individual unique programs permitted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) (offers opportunities for cultural enrichment, youth exchange, or community benefits).
    • To participate in religious work (on a full-time basis)
    • To work as a crew member for a superyacht (employed).
    • To participate in a skilled position in staff exchange arrangement.
    • To be a part of sports competitions (high-level) or sports training programs.
    • To do full-time domestic work of household arrangement for an individual foreign executive (senior).
    • To participate in certain activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation.

    Need to Apply for the Subclass 408 Visa?

    A temporary activity visa is structured for candidates who intend to live in the country for three months or less. To obtain this visa, the candidate needs support from an organisation or individual in Australia responsible for conducting the events or activities. This visa type permits the holder to stay in Australia for up to 2 years and work in their relevant field as per the visa provisions.

    With a Temporary Activity Visa, the candidate may:

    • Work in the specific industry following the set-out conditions of the migration access.
    • Travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid.
    • Include family members in your (subclass 408) visa application.

    Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa Requirements

    The candidate must meet the DHA’s criteria to be eligible for the Subclass 408 visa. The basic requirements to apply for the Subclass 408 Visa application are:

    • Possess relevant skills to undertake the activity type for which the Temporary Activity Visa application is made.
    • Gain support or sponsorship (the supporter or sponsor must clear the relevant support test or sponsor test).
    • Meet health and character requirements.
    • Meet other requirements of the relevant stream.
    • Make sufficient arrangements for health insurance for the duration of the stay in the country.

    Please book an appointment with Southern Stone visa immigration agents to secure the subclass 408 visa.
    It is mandatory for the candidate of the Temporary Activity Visa to abide by the laws of the country.

    For How Long Is The Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408) Valid?

    The Temporary Activity Visa has different validity periods depending on the reason for which they are applied. If this visa is granted when the holder is outside Australia, the stay period begins from the date the holder enters the country. The general arrangement for the validity of the migration access with the activities permitted in the visa is:

    • For Invited Participant Activity type – generally up to three months.
    • For Australian Government Endorsed Event type – Approximately for up to four years.
    • For Superyacht Crew Members and Special Program Participants type – not more than 12 months.
    • Any Other Activity type – For up to two years.

    Procedure For Applying For The Temporary Activity Visa

    When applying for the Temporary Activity Visa, the candidate must:

    • Hold a valid passport. If they not, the candidate must acquire a valid passport before applying for a visa.
    • Collect all the essential evidence. All the documentary proofs must be gathered and analysed for the Temporary Activity visa application requirements. All evidence must support the facts of the application form.
    • The applicant may include their family members in the visa application. However, this requires them to gather documentary proofs for the family members as well.
    • The duly filled visa application must be filed with the DHA, and the requisite fee must be paid.

    Please speak to our Migration Agent In Melbourne to ensure accurate filing of all the application details. Our team of visa consultants is trained to guide clients and offer complete assistance required to secure the subclass 408 visa. Please book an appointment with our visa immigration agents to begin a hassle-free visa journey. We also offer 888 visapartner visaskilled independent visasubclass 190employer sponsored visa and more.

    The DHA notifies the applicant that their visa application is being processed and communicates the decision made with your application via registered mail. In case of rejection, the reason for the rejection is shared with the applicant.

    Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa Processing Time

    The processing time for the Temporary Activity Visa is uncertain as applications are assessed depending on the urgency or personal profile requirements.

    Get in touch with a professional 408 visa immigration agent at Southern Stone to know more about the visa processing time and necessities. The reasons for different processing time for this visa type are:

    • If the DHA upholds a thorough assessment policy, the processing time may be longer than usual.
    • When additional information is needed.
    • To verify the sponsor or supporter information.

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