Parent Visa

Contributory Aged Parent Visa 864

Contributory Aged Parent Visa 864

The Contributory Aged Parent Visa 864 is a permanent visa that allows an aged parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen to move to Australia.


  • Have a sponsor
  • Have assurance of support
  • Have paid back your debt to the Australian Government
  • Meet the balance-of-family test
  • Meet the character requirement
  • Meet the health requirement
  • Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused
  • Sign the Australian values statement
  • You cannot apply for this visa if you have already applied for or hold a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (subclass 870) visa
  • You must be old enough to receive the age pension in Australia



Processing Time

64 months

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    The subclass 864 visa is designed for eligible individuals to sponsor their retired parents to get permanent residency in Australia. To apply for a subclass 864 for parents, the individual should be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen above 18 years of age. The individual must be settled in Australia and should have been living in the country for at least two years.

    The contributory aged parent visa is specially designed for people who can afford to pay a significant contribution to offset the privileges and rights offered to the permanent visa holders. This is how the visa holders can compensate the money they should have otherwise been paid as tax as ordinary residents.

    If you are an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen who lives in Australia, or Australian permanent resident, your parents can apply for subclass 864 Visa.

    Why Apply For A Subclass 864 Visa?

    The Contributory Aged Parent Visa is a permanent permit to Australia that allows the holders to:

    • Live in the country for an indefinitely
    • Study and work in Australia in their respective field of interest
    • Enrol in the health care scheme offered by the government
    • Include the family members in the application for visa processing
    • Sponsor eligible family members to come to the country
    • Travel back and forth from the country for five years
    • Apply for citizenship – based on the eligibility criteria

    It’s important to note that a permanent resident gets almost all the benefits and rights similar to an Australian citizen with minor differences. However, there are a number of conditions to be met to be eligible for this visa type.

    You can talk to Migration Agent In Melbourne specializing in subclass 864 visa consultants to learn more about various criteria and conditions for eligibility.

    What Are The Criteria For Subclass 864 Visa Eligibility?

    To apply for this parents contributory visa for Australia, the applicant should satisfy all the following conditions by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA):

    • The applicant must have a son/daughter, who is:
      • Australian citizen
      • Australian permanent resident or
      • Eligible New Zealand Citizen

      Importantly, they must be settled and have been living in the country for at least two years.

    • The candidate should satisfy the Balance of Family test that comes with the following requirements:
      • At least half of their children must be permanent residents of Australia
      • Or more children are in Australia as permanent residents than any other foreign country
    • The applicant must be sponsored by their Australian son/daughter. If the child is not above 18 years of age, then:
      • The child’s spouse must be above 18 years of age and an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen, or Australian permanent resident
      • Close family relative or legal guardian or the child or child’s spouse
    • The applicant must be within the age range to apply for an old age pension in Australia – 65-67 years.
    • The applicant must satisfy all the character and health requirements for the visa category.
    • The candidate should produce written assurance of support, confirming that they don’t need assistance from the government.
    • The applicant and the sponsor must have paid all dues – if any – to the government or should have made arrangements for paying back.
    • The candidate must sign a Values Statement to state that they will oblige the Australian laws and living rules.
    • The candidate shouldn’t have a history of cancelled visas as it may lead to the rejection of the application while processing the visa.

    The shared information here isn’t intended to be exhaustive, and the applicant should go through the complete set of eligibility criteria and ensure that they satisfy them before filling the application. If you want to learn more or want personalised guidance, we welcome you to contact our subclass 864 visa consultants. Our visa consultants are up-to-date with the latest regulations and visa processing procedures and have several years of experience in offering high-quality immigration assistance. . We also offer other parent visa consultant like contributory parent visa 143, 173, 804, and 115. Book an appointment with us today.

    Cost of Subclass 864 Visa and Other Conditions

    The cost of a subclass visa 864 starts at AUD $47,755. For the initial application, the primary applicant should pay AUD $3,770, and additional applicants must pay AUD $1,880 each. The second instalment of payment for applicants is around AUD $43,600 for each applicant. Keep in mind that a subclass 864 visa usually takes 1.5 to 2 years to process.

    The candidate can make arrangements for a subclass 864 application after applying for the Temporary subclass 884 visa stream. As part of this program, the applicant must pay the initial government fee of AUD $3,770 for the primary applicant and AUD $1,880 for each additional applicant. The second instalment of AUD $29,130 must also be paid before getting this visa granted. The candidates who are accorded with a subclass 884 visa can stay two years in the country. Before the Temporary 884 visa expires, the applicant should pay the final instalment of AUD $19,420 to get a permanent subclass 864 visas.

    In addition to that, the applicants should provide an Assurance of Support (AoS) at the time of the decision. Currently, an AoS is around AUD $14,000 for two applicants. At the end of ten years after the candidate enters Australia, the AoS bond is refunded to the applicant after adjusting any debt to the government.

    How to Apply for Contributory Aged Parent Visa

    The applicant must ensure that they have a valid passport before applying for a subclass 864 visa. If not, they should apply and get a fresh passport to begin with the visa application process.

    The next step of the process is to gather all the relevant evidence according to the subclass 864 visa conditions. The evidence must be accurate and complementing the facts of the application form for subclass 864 eligibility.

    The duly filled visa application form must be filed with the DHA, and the requisite fee must be paid. You can connect with our 864 visa consultants to help you with the accurate filling of the visa application. Our visa consultants will check your profile and various documents and understand your requirements to provide you with all the required assistance. Schedule an appointment with our immigration consultants for hassle-free 864 visa application processing.

    After filing the 864 visa application, the DHA will inform you that the application assessment is in place. Keep in mind that the subclass 864 is an onshore visa application form, and you should be present in Australia while filing the application. You will be informed about the decision on the visa application to your registered email address. If the DHA rejects the application, they will share the reason for it with the applicant.

    Processing Time for Subclass 864

    The processing time for a subclass 864 visa differs from person to person depending on the application status and the individual’s profile. In most cases, the processing takes 1.5 to 2 years to complete. The application is subject to capping and queuing. The high demand for family visa and eligibility can make the processing longer.

    Talk to our subclass 864 visa consultants to learn further about the visa processing time and tips to avoid any delay in processing. The visa processing may take longer if:

    • The visa application form is filled incorrectly
    • All the required documents are not furnished, or the DHA requests more information
    • The applicant takes more time to furnish the documents or information requested by the DHA

    A permanent visa application is thoroughly scrutinised by the DHA, comparing to a temporary visa application.

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    1. What is a contributory aged parent visa?

    The Contributory Aged Parent Visa 864 permits the aged parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen to stay in Australia indefinitely. When on this visa, candidates can stay in the country as a permanent resident, work and study and enrol on the public health care scheme. To secure this visa, the candidate must have an eligible child who is a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, must be old enough to get the age pension in Australia, and must not have applied for or held a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 870) visa.

    2. How long does a contributory parent visa take?

    There is no definite processing time for the Parent Contributory Visa. All applications for this visa are subject to capping and queueing, which is why they may take several months or years to be granted. In addition, candidates may expect a delay in receiving a response if they fail to fill the form correctly, provide the required documents or information, or pay the correct visa application fee. Family migration visas are in great demand, which is one of the primary reasons why they take a long time to process. To know more details about processing the Contributory Aged Parent Visa 864, speak to our experts.

    3. How much does an aged parent visa cost?

    The parents contributory visa costs AUD47,955, and there is an additional fee for every family member applying with the main applicant. Candidates can pay for this visa in 2 parts, each known as an instalment. The first instalment is to be paid at the time of application and the second instalment is to be paid when asked for. Health checks, police certificates and biometrics may incur additional costs. Discuss your visa requirements with our experts to know the exact cost of applying for this visa. Our team will analyse your situation, consider additional applicants’ costs, and state the cost of applying.

    4. Can visa 864 apply for Medicare?

    Domestic health care cover known as Medicare is provided to all holders of Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 864. You may get a Medicare card if you’ve applied for a Contributory parent 864 visa. Apart from this, you may enjoy other benefits like sponsoring relatives to visit Australia, working or studying, and applying for Australian Citizenship (depending on your eligibility). To know more about the perks you get on securing visa 864, speak to our visa experts. Our team will tell you what you are eligible for, the processing time, your obligations, and more.

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