Further to previously announced proposed changes for the subclass 482 (TSS)programme and easier transition to PR for 482 visa holders, the Government has now officially announced the following changes to commence from 25 November 2023 (subject to regulatory approval):

  • Skilled Occupation Lists REMOVED; which means ALL occupations, as long as it is identified under ANZSCO will have access to the TSS programme
  • ALL current and new TSS visa holders, regardless of stream will be eligible to apply for permanent residency via the subclass 186 pathway after working in their nominated position for their sponsoring employer for 2 years whilst holding their TSS visa
  • No more limit on the number of short-term stream TSS applications lodged onshore
  • Changes will apply to age exemptions for regional medical practitioner applicants and high-income earning applicants over 45 to allow for a 2-year pathway
  • TSMIT will remain at $70,000

These changes will provide much more flexibility for employers seeking to sponsor overseas workers though planning levels will remain unchanged.

Many more changes will be forthcoming and we will share updates as soon as they become available. Connect with migration agent Melbourne for further queries!!!