The Australian Government has implemented revisions to the English Language Requirements for Student and Temporary Graduate visas, aligning with its overarching Migration Strategy. Effective March 23, 2024, these changes involve an increase in minimum IELTS scores for both visa categories.

Temporary Graduate visas

  • Temporary Graduate Visas now require a minimum score of 6.5 (or equivalent) overall, with a minimum score of 5.5 for each component of the test.
  • The validity window for Temporary Graduate visas is reduced from 3 years to 1 year.

Student visas

  • Student visas now require a minimum IELTS score of 6 (or equivalent), up from 5.5.
  • The minimum score to undertake a packaged ELICOS program increased from 4.5 to 5.0.
  • No impact on students exclusively studying English through ELICOS.

Moreover, students enrolled in university foundation or pathway programs that offer reputable English language training will require a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 (or equivalent). This adjustment is mirrored in the requirements for students undertaking VET and higher education courses, aiming to facilitate successful transitions into their main courses with the appropriate level of English proficiency.

These updates are part of the government’s efforts to enhance educational experiences for international students in Australia and better equip them for future employment opportunities. By raising English language standards, the government aims to ensure that students can thrive academically and professionally in Australia’s multicultural environment.

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