A new free tree agreement has been agreed to in-principle between Australia and the United Kingdom which, aside from the opening of markets between the two countries and allowing consumers from both countries to benefit from cheaper products, will also bring significant advantages to UK nationals seeking visa opportunities in Australia.

UK Working Holiday Visa holders – Age Limit Raised to 35
Under the in-principle trade agreement, working holiday makers from the UK will be able to stay in Australia for three years until the age of 35. There will also be a new agriculture visa established for UK visa holders. On this note, a separate agriculture visa targeted at al ASEAN nations which mirrors the seasonal worker program that already exists for the Pacific (subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa) and this will significantly boost labor source for farmers in regional areas as well as providing visa flexibility for ASEAN nation nationals.

No More Labor Market Testing (LMT) Requirements for 482 Visas
This free trade agreement, once in force, will bring an almost certain benefit to employers sponsoring UK nationals under the subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage visa pathway. Currently, to sponsor a UK national, Labor Market Testing is required where employers need to advertise three job adverts for a minimum 28-day period prior to lodging a nomination. The requirement is exempt to nationals of a country party to a free trade agreement with Australia.

Mutual Recognition of Qualifications
If in force, UK nationals would be able to have their qualifications recognized in Australia which having to re-qualify which can bring significant advantages to those who currently need to satisfy stringent and cumbersome qualification process, eg., lawyers and medical practitioners.

This will likely assist these UK visa applicants in obtaining their mandatory skills assessments under general skilled migration programs such as subclass 189, 190 and 491.

It is uncertain whether all occupations this mutual recognition of qualifications may apply to.

Overall, this UK/Australia free trade agreement will be eagerly anticipated by UK nationals looking to build a new life in Australia.

We will provide further updates once the agreement is signed and further details are released. Get in touch with our migration agent Melbourne for more informations.