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Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa

The Skilled nominated subclass 190 visa is for points-tested skilled workers who are nominated by state or territory government to live and work permanently in Australia.

Similar to the Skilled independent subclass 189 visa, an expression of interest(EOI) has to be lodged through SkillSelect prior to apply the visa, but for Skilled nominated subclass 190 visa, it involves state or territory government sponsorship with more flexible occupations list. Each state has its own unique requirements and occupation list. The occupation shortage for each state changes frequently and it is the best to contact the state to discuss their nomination process and requirements.

Eligibility criteria for the Skilled nominated subclass 190 visa are the same as the ones for the other Skilled independent visa 189 with the added requirement of having received a formal nomination by a territory government or Australian state agency.


  • Your nominated profession is in the relevant State or Territory skilled occupation list
  • You have a valid skills assessment for the desired position
  • You are under 45 years of age at the time of invitation
  • You have obtained a sufficient score in the points-based assessment, as indicated in your invitation letter
  • You have an acceptable level of competency in English
  • You are invited to apply the visa

The Skilled nominated subclass 190 visa requires you to be nominated by an Australian State or Territory. To obtain the state nomination, you must submit your EOI through SkillSelect with details of your skills and qualifications etc. Once you submit your EOI, it will be viewable by the state authorities to determine if they want to nominate you.

If you are nominated by a state or territory, you can apply for the 190 visa within 60 calendar days.

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