Minister for Immigration David Coleman has announced on 01 March 2019 that a new five year sponsored parent visa, the Subclass 870 Parent (Temporary) Visa, will be open for applications on 17 April 2019. This visa is designed to address current community concerns regarding the limited number of parent places in the migration program and the associated lengthy waiting periods.

Eligible parents will be able to stay for up to five years at a time without departing and the Department has announced that up to 15,000 visas per year will be granted under this program.

Fees applicable for this visa are:

Sponsorship Application (by eligible children) – $420.00
3 year visa application fee – $5,000.00
5 year visa application fee – $10,000.00

The visa application fee is payable in two instalments, with one payment at time of application and the remainder prior to visa grant.

Under this visa:

  • The ‘Balance of Family’ test will NOT be applied
  • No work is permitted
  • Health insurance must be maintained
  • Evidence of access to funds must be provided

Please connect with our migration agent Melbourne for further information on this new program.