Afghans can now apply for the Humanitarian visa program online.

As the world watches with horror the chain of events unfolding in Afghanistan, we wish to extend our sincere sympathies to all the Afghans affected and all those in Australia with family and friends in Afghanistan who feel helpless to assist.

Normally, aside from the Special Humanitarian Visa subclass 202, all other Humanitarian Visa subclasses (200, 201, 203, 204) should be applied for on paper. We are now advised that given the current situation, Afghans who wish to lodge a humanitarian visa application can do so online via this link,

Use this link to complete your application, regardless of whether you have a proposer or not. Also, translating documents may not be possible right now, so submit as much documentation as you can, whether or not it is translated. You will need to complete Form 842 and attach it to the application along with any other supporting documentation that you have.

The department will assess applications as soon as possible but is currently unable to give any timeframe. It may take days/weeks to acknowledge applications lodge. Connect with our migration agent in Melbourne for more information.